Tesla Customer Service

Setting the Standards High!

I have had my Tesla Model S for two months now.  I can tell you it is the best car I have ever owned and for people that know me, they know I have owned a lot of cars (bad habit).  I started noticing the other day a popping and creaking sound in the steering wheel when turning the wheel full lock left to right while sitting still or at a very low speeds.  It didn’t seem to cause a problem other than a noise that was really bothering me.  So I decided to call the Tesla service center in Marietta, GA.  I spoke with a service tech who at first told me that it was a known issue and would be a quick fixed.  He then wanted to schedule me a service appointment and asked when I could stop by.  I told him I did not want to drive that far for something I felt should have been corrected at the service center prior to deliver or really should not have left the factory with this known problem.  He then went on to tell me they could pick up the car but they would have to charge a pickup and delivery fee.  I told him I did not want to pay to have my car picked up and trailered to Georgia for repair at my cost.  I would like to say this tech was very professional and was only instructing me of the options I had for the repair.  So I left it with him to have the service manager call me so we could work something out.

Of course, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It just bothered me (Car OCD). I thought to myself, what do most consumers do these days when a product or service doesn’t seem to deliver on its promise? Well, they turn to social media so, I decided to tweet Elon Musk (in the evening) telling him about my problem with my new Model S. Why not? It’s his company. Within minutes I received a phone call from a high ranking service manager at Tesla.  He apologized for the issue and assured me that the problem would be taken care of at no cost to me.  I thanked him and he told me that the service manager at the Marietta, GA service center would be calling me to work out the details.  Only 20 minutes had passed when Anthony called me from the service center in Marietta, GA apologizing for the issue too.  I told him an apology wasn’t necessary that it really was not a big deal and I knew Tesla would ultimately fix my problem.  At this point he was telling me that Tesla had decided to bring me a loaner Model S P90DL while they take my car to the service center for repair.  Now, who does that? What kind of company goes to all the trouble and expense for a customer? Ummmmm, Tesla does that’s who!  No other car manufacture that I know of would ever do anything like that for a customer.  Heck, they wouldn’t pick up my car if I was stranded on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere let alone loan me a car that’s above and beyond anyone’s expectations of a loaner. They could have offered me a rental from Hertz, but they didn’t.

To sum it up, sure Tesla’s service tech didn’t quite handle the call the way they would have wanted him to, but at the end of the day they nailed it.  Thank you Elon Musk for doing something the other car manufactures said couldn’t be done in America again. Thank you for creating a better car brand that goes against the other car manufacturer’s ideas of how things should be done. Also thank you for creating this awesome company in America.  Now let’s hope our crazy politicians don’t decide to tax you to death or cause you to move operations out of the US. We love having you here!

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