Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt – The fight is on! Or is it?

This has to be the battle Chevy has been waiting for.  So without further ado, lets compare and judge this EV prize fight.


Tesla has stated from the beginning that the Model 3 would cost the consumer $35,000.00 before federal and state tax credits. They delivered on that promise at the recent unveiling.  Chevy’s Bolt will cost $37,500 before federal and state tax credits.  Let’s stop here for a second and make sure everyone understands what a tax credit is.  The tax credit does not mean everyone will get it.  It will depend on multiple factors when filling your taxes.  So we need to measure these cars by the MSRP without calculating the tax credit.  If you decide to lease either car, then you don’t get the tax credit at all.  Now, I know there could be an argument between which car will have the most technology in the base price, but I have to say with Tesla’s track record on delivering technology in their cars, they will crush Chevy.  The winner is Tesla!

Winner:  Tesla Model 3


Chevy’s website states that the Bolt’s range will be more than 200 miles per charge.  Tesla is stating their Model 3 will have 215 miles per charge.  Since Tesla is telling us that 215 miles per charge is just the beginning, one would think there will be options to get the car up to 300 miles per charge maybe even higher.  The Internet rumors have been saying Chevy might hit the 240 miles per charge range, which would be very nice but the one thing most can all agree on is both cars will not hit their EPA stated numbers.  There are just too many factors that can hinder range on electric vehicles. I have to give this round to Tesla as they have better battery technology to date.

Winner:  Tesla Model 3


With three vehicles in the Tesla line-up, we know what to expect from Tesla in regards to their technology from AutoPilot to the big computer screen that runs the whole car (there are only 2 buttons/switches on the dash). With Chevy, we really just don’t have a lot to go on yet other than what’s on their website.  So far, from everything I have read about the Bolt’s technology, it seems they have a lot crammed into their base car, but they are going up against Tesla who really is a technology company first.  Technology goes to Tesla!

Winner:  Telsa Model 3


This will be a quick one.  Tesla is faster than the Bolt.  Elon said it best “We do not build slow cars” Tesla wins!

Winner:  Tesla Model 3

The Look

Now here is where we come to the fork in the road.  I assume Chevy’s design engineers want to wow us with their design capabilities, but the powers to be at Chevy are traditionally old school guys who think a car should look a certain way.  Really guys? Why don’t you listen to the consumer?  We want edgy in-your- face cars. Cars that will wow people as they pass by.  Cars with such a wow factor they fly off the lots. That’s the space where Tesla lives.  More wow factor in every design. You go Tesla!  We know who wins this one don’t we?  All you have to do is look at both cars side by side.

Winner:  Tesla Model 3

Delivery Schedule

I have to admit; Tesla has not been the most punctual car manufacture as it relates to keeping a delivery date.  Chevy has many more people and money to throw at production issues to make sure they hit their delivery dates.  I just hope that Tesla has really learned from their past mistakes and can prove everyone wrong.  Crossing my fingers……  The winner of this category goes to Chevy.

Winner:  Chevy Bolt


One word ‘Supercharger”  Enough said.  Tesla kills Chevy.  Chevy has no charging infrastructure and they rely on others to build it.  That’s going to work, right?  I blogged recently on this topic. It was called  “Range anxiety – The Electric Highway”  Please read that blog.

Winner:  Tesla Model 3


Well there you go.  I really feel with all the information we have so far on both cars; Tesla wins hands down over Chevy.  Tesla might be a young car company, but they are truly reshaping the automotive industry like it or not.

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