Tesla Model 3, what we know before the official unveiling

With the media attention focused on the unveiling of Tesla’s Model 3, we know everyone has a few questions. These 3 came to mind.

  1. The first question: When is the unveiling of the Model S? The unveiling is scheduled for March 31st at 8:30 PT in Los Angeles, CA The lucky ones will get a front row seat to see the Model 3 live and in color.  For the rest of us unlucky Tesla lovers, we can tune into tesla.com to watch the unveiling live.
  1. The second question is addresses the production schedule. Tesla’s production schedule will begin in late 2017. Tesla has stated that once production begins, they will begin deliveries in North America starting on the west coast, moving east.  As their production ramps up they will begin deliveries in Europe, APAC and right-hand driving markets.  Tesla feels staggering deliveries in this way will allow them to provide the best possible customer experiences.
  1. The final question that comes to mind is, when can I order one? Reservations start on March 31st. There seem to be two ways to reserve your Model 3.  The first, which Tesla suggests may be your best chance to get a better spot in the queue, will be to visit your local Tesla showroom when it opens on March 31st.  The second option is to make a reservation online at tesla.com when the live event begins at 8:30pm PT.

I’m not sure I’ve listed all the questions people may have right now, such as what does it look like, or what’s the range? To me, the three above should be the best place to start. Hey, if I knew everything then they wouldn’t need an unveiling!

I’ve listened to other car manufacturers talk down the event and the car in general, but can anyone give me a better example of a car company that knows how to market their product so effectively?  A car manufacture that generates so much hype around their brand?  I only know of one other company that does that kind of marketing ….. You got it… Apple!  So tune-in to the event and let the blogging and coveting begin.

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